virtual reality

virtual reality

The Real Future of VR Probably Isn't at Your Computer, It's at the Mall

It may not be the Holodeck, but it's surprising how much The VOID feels like it.
Rich Monahan

'Moss' Suggests Maybe You Didn't Waste That Money Buying a VR Headset

There are three VR rigs in my home, but I haven't touched them in over a year. 'Moss' was good enough to change that.
Patrick Klepek

These Games Look Cool, I Sure Wish They Weren't in VR

I know I'm not alone.
Danielle Riendeau

KFC Made a VR Game, And It's Deliciously Strange

"Now put your supple human hands in that breading."
Rob Zacny
virtual reality

'Ace Combat 7' Has Me Excited About PSVR Again

Because who doesn’t want the ‘Top Gun’ experience strapped to their face?
Mike Diver
Virtual Reality Smut

This Might Be the Closest You’ll Ever Come to Having Sex with a Spaceship

The Fleshlight Launch syncs to VR porn to promise, in the words of its makers, “an earth-shattering experience.” AKA, a great wank.
Kate Gray
virtual reality

Palmer Luckey Donating Thousands to Software That Breaks Oculus Exclusivity

The co-founder, who left Facebook a few months after a political controversy, hasn't fully left VR behind.
Patrick Klepek
virtual reality

'Tiny Trax' is Basically Hot Wheels in VR, and It's Super Fun

Brighton indie studio FuturLab’s new project is a whole other kind of toy-to-life gaming.
Mike Diver
open thread

What Happened to the VR Revolution?

I spent a lot of money on a headset that I’m not using very much anymore.
Patrick Klepek

It's Never Been a More Confusing Time to Be a Fan of Valve's Games

With another 'Half-Life' writer out the door, it's never been more confusing to figure out Valve's identity as a developer.
Patrick Klepek

'Narcosis' Uses Isolation to Make You Fear the Ocean

Trapped at the bottom of the sea, your only option is to walk forward. And pray.
Patrick Klepek
virtual reality

Sony’s PlayStation VR Feels More Complete for These Non-Game Experiences

It can’t be all games on these immersive platforms—more passive experiences will play a part in making the medium a living room staple.
Mike Diver