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Why 'Skyrim' Forever Remains in the Shadow of 'Morrowind'

Fans of The Elder Scrolls maintain the third game is the series' best—and its makers have paid attention since the missteps of 'Oblivion.'
Jim Trinca
Star Trek: Bridge Crew

'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' Is My Favorite Multiplayer VR Experience So Far

I'm no Trekkie, but working as part of a team of real people to defeat a virtual reality Klingon menace was a true delight.
Mike Diver

Telltale's Bloody 'Batman' Shows How the Studio's 'Game of Thrones' Should Have Been

The new episode of this interactive Gotham story spills way more blood than expected, setting a precedent for where <em>Game of Thrones</em> goes next.
Mike Diver
What We've Been Playing

What We've Been Playing: September 2016

What (two of) the team at Waypoint was playing last month.
Mike Diver
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In Conversation with the King of Game Boy 'Tetris'

You won't know Uli Horner. He's no eSports star like Faker or xPeke. But he's a world record holder on the world's biggest-selling game, <em>Tetris.</em>
Mike Diver

We Introduce Our Newest Hire and Talk Game Writing Challenges on Waypoint's New Podcast

The Waypoint crew continues to grow, as managing editor Danielle Riendeau joins Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker to kick off another week in video games.
Patrick Klepek

We Talk VR Queasiness, Rhythmic Horror, and 'Mafia III' in the Latest Episode of VICE Gaming's New Podcast

VICE Gaming's Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek chat about the games they played over the weekend and tackle a complex reader question on race and representation.
Austin Walker
Gears of War 4

'Gears of War 4' Successfully Avoids The Problems of 'Halo 4'

It's been five years since the last Gears of War game, which is just long enough to remember how much fun this series can be.
Patrick Klepek
Playstation VR

VICE Gaming's First Impressions of PlayStation VR

Mike Diver and Austin Walker discuss the pros and cons of Sony's imminently available virtual reality headset for the PS4.
Mike Diver

When Good Games Make Bad Decisions About How to End

Not every game needs a final boss battle. In fact, forcing one into the story might very well ruin it.
Patrick Klepek

There's a Mad Dash to Sign Fighting-Game Players to eSports Teams

Once marginalized, fighting games are becoming part of the mainstream eSports scene, and top teams are signing Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. players.
Marc Shaw
Dishonored 2

Playing the Stealthy 'Dishonored 2' Like 'Bulletstorm' Is Very Fun

Playing Arkane's sequel with non-lethal precision is rewarding—but piling up the bodies has a wicked appeal that's oddly familiar.
Mike Diver