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The Games That Made me

Nobody Played 'Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze,' but I Loved It Anyway

It wasn't Donkey Kong's fault that everyone wanted a new Metroid, but it doomed this absurdly good platformer.
Danielle Riendeau

The Exhausting Ten-Year Journey to Release 'Owlboy'

No one at D-Pad expected to spend the better part of a decade on a single game, but life, death, and delays got in the way.
Patrick Klepek

The First 'Dark Souls III' DLC Is 'Dark Souls' at Its Worst: Boring

Three sequels and several pieces of downloadable content later, perhaps Dark Souls has simply run out of steam.
Patrick Klepek

This Guy Spent 342 Hours Speedrunning a Card-Based JRPG

Baffan's hobby is beating Baten Kaitos, a cult classic card-based JRPG for the GameCube, as fast as he can. His fastest time is about two weeks.
Patrick Klepek

BioShock’s Jordan Thomas Discusses the Acclaimed Trilogy

An essential member of the teams behind BioShock and its sequels, Thomas tells us about aiming for Aliens but producing Pitch Black.
Ed Smith

We Talk About Nintendo Switch And Building A Website On Waypoint’s New Podcast

Almost the entire Waypoint team gets together to discuss the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, Nintendo's new hardware, and more.
Patrick Klepek
The Games That Made me

How 'Doom 2' Helped Me Understand Technology

A trip to the computer store in search of financial software with my dad became a surprising way to learn about how computers work.
Patrick Klepek
Nintendo Switch

Here's What You Need to Know About the New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's much-speculated-about next console has had its official reveal—so we can all stop making shit up now.
Mike Diver

Why VICE Gaming Is Now Waypoint

Waypoint Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker explains how 2012's Dragon's Dogma helped inspire the name of VICE's new gaming site.
Austin Walker
Longreads Or Whatever

Why It’s So Hard To Make A Video Game

For most of their lifespan, video games look like grey boxes and compromises.
Tina Amini

The Elusive Targets of 'Hitman' Transform It into Transient Art

Most games let you load a save when you mess up, but in 'Hitman's Elusive Target mode, you only get one chance. Don't screw up.
Julie Muncy

We Talk More 'Mafia III' And 'Gears of War 4' On VICE Gaming’s New Podcast

Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek hop in the podcast bunker to dive deep on two of gaming's biggest new releases and answer your questions.
Patrick Klepek