One of Counter-Strike’s Leading Analysts Wants You to Know Alex Jones Rules

Duncan "Thorin" Shields has a long history of racist jokes, among other things. But next month's big tournament in New York, he'll be on stage, talking about Counter-Strike.
Patrick Klepek
Dark Souls

Sometimes, Fighting Depression Means Beating 'Dark Souls' Using Dance Pads

Louis "ATwerking Yoshi" Hamilton hasn't had an easy life, but overcoming ridiculous challenges, sometimes involving bananas, has helped.
Patrick Klepek
open thread

Do Let's Plays and Streams Keep You From Buying Single-Player Games?

Hand-wringing over streaming culture sounds a lot like the hand-wringing over piracy.
Patrick Klepek

Marathoning 'Dark Souls Remastered' Helped Me Love it Even More

We were willing to burn out for charity, but what happened was astonishing.
Cameron Kunzelman

One of Zelda's Greatest Speedrunners Was Just Banned From Twitch

Narcissa Wright, who's largely moved away from speedrunning due to health issues, isn't sure why Twitch decided to kick her off.
Patrick Klepek

When This Streamer Tried to Make Going Viral His Job It Went Horribly Wrong

A 'World of Warcraft' joke pushed Ian Xplosion into the spotlight, and he decided to make the most of it. Then, he got evicted.
Patrick Klepek

Games Are Just Better When You Make Your Own Fun

We talk about making our own fun in 'Sea of Thieves,' A Way Out,' 'Bloodborne,' and more in today's Waypoint Radio.
Danielle Riendeau
Social Media

My Job Doesn't Exist Without the Support of Fans. How Much Do I Owe Them?

As a public figure, my personal life has become part of my career. The line between disclosure, transparency, and gossip isn’t clear anymore.
Patrick Klepek

Okay, Fine, Let's Talk About Logan Paul (And Dr DisRespect)

With recent community guideline changes to Twitch, it seemed like the right time to talk about what's happening in a whole lot of Internet spaces right now.
Patrick Klepek

Learning the Level Design Secrets of 'BioShock'

The game was originally going to have more resources, fuses, and interactive flooding.
Danielle Riendeau

This Isn't "Twitch Plays Pro Wrestling," But It's Damn Close

A real life wrestling promotion led by former WWE star Rikishi is turning to Twitch viewers to book and choreograph matches.
Ian Williams
World Of Warcraft

How a 'World of Warcraft' Shitpost Gave This Streamer a Shot at His Dream

A panic attack left Ian Xplosion without a job or a girlfriend, but he did have plenty of time. He decided to start killing boars.
Patrick Klepek