The Last of Us


Most Games Are Terrible at Writing Teen Characters

Hello, fellow kids!
Danielle Riendeau
The Last of Us Part II

'The Last of Us' Developers Discuss Realistic Kissing, Queer Fridging, More

We spoke with 'The Last of Us Part II' creative director Neil Druckmann and co-writer Halley Gross on THAT KISS and the demo's implications about violence.
Danielle Riendeau
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Listen, More Games Should Use Seasons

The move from summer to autumn to winter is so powerful in our daily lives, yet rarely shows up in games.
Austin Walker

Here's a Very Intense, Very Violent Scene from 'The Last of Us Part II'

Oh god why is she using the hammer that way.
Patrick Klepek
naughty dog

‘Last of Us’ Game Director Bruce Straley Leaves Naughty Dog After 18 Years

After an extended vacation, Straley announced he's feeling the tug to work in "other directions."
Patrick Klepek

Gaming's Greatest, Romero-Worthy Zombies

With the late George A Romero claiming games have done more to popularize the (mostly) brain-hungry undead, let’s look at some of the best.
Mike Diver
E3 2017

Sony’s E3 Show Was More Remarkable for the Games That Weren’t There

You came wanting more 'Last of Us.' You left with the VR 'Skyrim' nobody needs.
Mike Diver

Without Tess, There Would Be No 'The Last of Us'

Everyone focusses on Joel and Ellie in 'The Last of Us,' but Tess is the reason for everything that follows.
Cameron Kunzelman
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How ‘The Last of Us’ Unearthed the Ugly Side of Playing Protector

But Naughty Dog’s sequel has the chance to flip the standard protector/protectee roles, giving Ellie the power to keep her closest friends safe.
Ed Smith
The Last of Us Part II

I Hope ‘The Last of Us Part II’ is Super Gay

‘The Last of Us Part II’ was only just teased, but it’s already looking kind of queer.
Danielle Riendeau

How Video Games Could Benefit from Hurting Us More

Gaming representations of physical and mental suffering are regularly reductive. But by really making us hurt, these experiences could become unnerving and exciting.
Ed Smith
Letter Series

I’ll Never Love Another Console Like I Loved the PlayStation 3

The games of the PS3 era were special in many ways, but also showcased a lot of the medium's shortcomings, ones that gaming is only beginning to deal with.
Ed Smith