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How This Game Mirrored My Own Reconciliation With Trauma

'Home Is Where The Hearth Is' is about finding a home in the wreckage of crisis.
Natalie Watson
state of decay 2

'State of Decay 2' Has a 'No Man's Sky' Problem: Boring, Random Stories

It might take place in a moving and changing world, but it sure isn't a living one.
Rob Zacny

A Survival Game That Dispenses the Usual Survival Bullshit

'Dead in Vinland' makes a strong statement about survival, specialization and cooperation.
Cameron Kunzelman
They Are Billions

'They Are Billions' Isn't About Zombies, It's About Wishful Thinking

Misplaced relief and overconfidence are going to kill us all.
Rob Zacny
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In This Cold, Your Only Hope Is Staying Close to the Fire

'A Very Warm Fire' speaks directly to the real-life survival instincts during the bomb cyclone.
Cameron Kunzelman
Ark: Survival Evolved

The Best Way to Play 'ARK Survival Evolved' Is the Kindest

A cutthroat game of open-world survival become something else if you're just willing to be open to it.
Jack Yarwood

‘Skyrim’ is a Great Survival Game, Actually

In a crowded genre of crafting and mass multiplayer chaos, ‘Skyrim’ still reigns above.
Cameron Kunzelman
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

A Murder-Car in 'BATTLEGROUNDS' Captures Why Its Mayhem Works

Most survival games teach you that self-preservation is more important than having fun. Not 'Battlegrounds'!
Rob Zacny
no man's sky

Why We Returned 'No Man’s Sky'

We asked five paying customers what made them return the not-so-infinite possibilities of the massively hyped video game.
Mike Diver
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The Video Games That Want You Dead

Steam's "Early Access" is full of half-finished survival titles right now, all different but bound by a single common goal: to kill you.
Steve Hogarty