Star Wars

Star Wars

'Battlefront 2' Isn't the Single-Player Star Wars Game Fans Have Hoped For

A promising story about an Empire turncoat isn't given nearly enough room to breathe.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss Developer Harassment, Xbox One X, And More on Waypoint Radio

Oh, and please don’t be a milkshake duck, chillout_man.
Patrick Klepek

Being Upset at a Game Developer Doesn't Give You an Excuse to Harass Them

Today, it's 'Battlefront 2.' Tomorrow, it'll be another game. There are better ways to express yourself than yelling at someone.
Patrick Klepek
Star Wars

Today's Star Wars News Makes the Future of Single-Player Look Very Messy

If Star Wars can't give a publisher confidence in a splashy, expensive single-player game, maybe everyone's doomed.
Patrick Klepek
E3 2017

Now E3 2017's Over, Here's What You Can Actually Play This Year

Check a look at this lil’ guide to the biggest games of E3 available this side of Christmas.
Mike Diver
E3 2017

Publishers: Your Press Events Are Not Esports

It’s boring and embarrassing nobody likes it.
Jordan Mallory

A Theme Park Designer Tries to Imagine Nintendo Land

Theme park ride designer David C. Cobb on Nintendo, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and next-gen theme park design.
Johnnie Martin

We Discuss ‘PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,’ ‘The Last Jedi’ With Polygon’s Phil Kollar

Learn how one of us shot a man in the head to get access to boat.
Patrick Klepek

‘Jedi Academy’ Was the Game That Helped Me Come Out of the Closet

Telling a bunch of random internet nerds seemed the least perilous course of action, and with a handful of keystrokes, I was out.
Justin Mahboubian-Jones
Star Wars

Life Is Cheap in the Star Wars Universe, and ‘Battlefront’ Got That Brilliantly Right

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away turns out to be a pretty awful place to live.
Robert Rath
Star Wars

Debating the Greatest Star Wars Video Game of All Time

With EA's <i>Battlefront</i> and <i>The Force Awakens</i> looming, it's as good a time as any to argue about the best games ever spawned by the series.
Sean Cleaver

What Video Game Morality Says About You

Is it OK to be the bad guy when you're not really a bad guy? Or does playing evil reveal a dark side that you never recognized before?
Kirk Mckeand