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Confronting the Specter of Copyright Law in 'Kingdom Hearts II'

Is Steamboat Mickey under threat? Or is the ability to remix the past an opportunity?
Cameron Kunzelman
Game of the Year 2018

Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Life Is Strange 2'

Sean and Daniel aren't Max and Chloe, but it doesn't matter; once again, Life Is Strange found a way to make us care about its characters.
Patrick Klepek

We Asked Eight Studios From Across The World How They Deal with Crunch

While development is a slightly different beast throughout the world, crunch plagues developers regardless of nationality or culture.
Aron Garst

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' Tries, but Fails, to Tackle Its Own Colonialism

Fun stealth mechanics and a passable photo mode can't free the series from the baggage of its core fantasy: Lara Croft is still just a thief playing at being a savior.
Dia Lacina
The Quiet Man

Sit Down, Have a Drink. Let Me Tell You About My Time With 'The Quiet Man'

This is a story about a boy, a kiosk, and a 15 minute demo that, somehow, became an hour and 15 minutes with a game that, by most measures, shouldn't exist.
Patrick Klepek

'Dragon Quest XI' Is A Blockbuster Game That Doesn't Deliver

Like many recent JRPGs, 'Dragon Quest XI' is interested in capturing the magic of nostalgia. Unfortunately, this devotion to the past holds it back.
Cameron Kunzelman

We Discuss Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony's E3 Press Events

There's kissing in 'The Last of Us 2,' and also 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey,' and holy crap 'Resident Evil 2!'
Danielle Riendeau
Final Fantasy IX

Players Are Using Robots to Jump Rope in 'Final Fantasy IX'

Final Fantasy IX's PS4 remaster has "Hail to the King," a truly Herculean achievement for mastering a difficult minigame.
Cameron Kunzelman
Final Fantasy IX

'Final Fantasy IX,' Now on PS4, Was a Brutal Fable About State Violence

The most underrated Final Fantasy of its day remains one of the best and affecting stories the series has ever told.
Cameron Kunzelman
Life Is Strange

With ‘Before the Storm,’ Life Is Strange Finally Leans into the Gay

A spoiler-y discussion of the relationships in the new Life Is Strange
Danielle Riendeau
Life Is Strange

'Life Is Strange: Before the Storm' Is Emotional And Lovingly Familiar

Did 'Life Is Strange' really need a prequel? Probably not, but this first episode makes a good case for it.
Patrick Klepek
Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' Mobile Game Is Too Cute For This Cruel World

Who knows if it'll be any fun to play, but this game's got style for days.
Patrick Klepek