playstation network

The Long, Weird Story Explaining Why I Bid $700 For a Stolen PSN Account

Justin has been using the same PSN account for 12 years. Then, someone tricked Sony into giving it away. Here's how I tracked it down, and started negotiating for its release.
Patrick Klepek

Why Don't Remakes And Remasters Always Credit the Original Developers?

Tributes, thank yous, and shout outs are one thing, but in the case of 'Shadow of the Colossus,' 'Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner,' and others, it falls short. Crediting is power.
Patrick Klepek
no man's sky

We Spent an Hour Talking to Hello Games About Everything ‘No Man’s Sky’

We touch on everything you might imagine: the game's launch, harassment, crunch, cut features, how they've spent the last two years improving the game, and much more.
Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker

We Discuss Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony's E3 Press Events

There's kissing in 'The Last of Us 2,' and also 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey,' and holy crap 'Resident Evil 2!'
Danielle Riendeau

We Answer Your E3 Questions, Such As: Is Microsoft Single Black Coffee?

Today on Waypoint Radio: our hopes and dreams for E3 2018
Danielle Riendeau

In 'God of War,' Moms Come Last

In a game very much about fathers and sons, the role of a mother is to be invisible or toxic.
Dia Lacina

The Real Ancient Myth at the Heart of 'God of War'

In a game very much about beginnings and endings, the overpowering Norse myth about the end of the world rules all.
Cameron Kunzelman

From Toxic Men to Women Without a Voice, Let's Spoilercast 'God of War'

Austin and Patrick have finished 'God of War,' and let's just say there's a lot to talk about.
Patrick Klepek

'God of War' Triumphs Because It Confronts Its Own Bloody Legacy

Kratos has always been a sad, unlikable asshole, but in giving him something to live for—a son who questions his decisions, his violence—he's finally given a real test.
Patrick Klepek
MLB The Show

'MLB The Show 18' Dreams of Escape from Politics, And Damn, It's Tempting

A great baseball sim makes an appeal to nostalgia even as Opening Day is clouded by mourning and anger.
Rob Zacny
hidden agenda

My 'Hidden Agenda' Session Was Ruined Because I'm Too Good at Video Games

The main hook from the developers of 'Until Dawn' is compromised if you play with people who can't keep up.
Patrick Klepek
Paris Games Week 2017

The 'Shadow of the Colossus' Remake Looks Good, Actually

No, we don't NEED this update. But honestly, I'd like it anyway.
Austin Walker