The Emotionless Death Throes of 'Battlefield V'

The freighted inspirations for a wounded soldier animation, and how they became trivialized in DICE's latest military shooter.
Cameron Kunzelman
Guns and Games

A Closer Look at Our Dark Obsession With Guns Looking "Cool"

When games and guns became platforms, their marketing and culture started to converge.
Kelsey Atherton
Ian Boudreau
open thread

What's Your Favorite Weapon in a Shooter?

When a game puts the right weapon in the right hands, the results are magical.
Rob Zacny
free play

You’re Going Way Too Fast in Stylish Shooter 'Monolith'

This speedy bullet hell shooter is immensely rewarding.
Nicole Carpenter

‘Strafe’ Says Fuck You to Old, Archaic Views on Gender

This chaotic ‘Doom’ throwback lets players select from anywhere they please on a gender slider.
Danielle Riendeau
Call of Duty

‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Gives War Games the Opportunity to Be Factual Again

By returning to World War II, CoD has the chance to educate and entertain—and perhaps influence the next wave of conflict-set shooters.
Ed Smith

Blast Through ‘Bulletstorm’ When You Need a Break from All These RPGs

There was me, asking for a game with a nice linear campaign—and pow, just like that, a gem from the previous gen reappears.
Mike Diver

Shooters Never Matched F.E.A.R.’s Legendary AI

For a lot of reasons, the 2005 PC shooter was the perfect place to play with guns—for humans and AI alike.
Rob Zacny

How ‘Singularity’ Time-Travelled from Early to Late 2000s Shooter Design in a Single Game

It was a rare oddity, preserving examples of where shooters had been, and the place in which they seemed destined to stay.
Reid McCarter
free play

Pelt Children with an Ice Cream Cannon in ‘Sweetwave’

The world is ending, and you have ice cream. So what do you do?
Danielle Riendeau
First Person Shooters

Why ‘SWAT 4’ Remains a Shooter That Compellingly Plays Against Type

Irrational’s pre-‘BioShock’ shooter, re-released this month, still feels unique for its genre, although the subject matter has become more controversial.
Jake Tucker
Fan Games

Touhou and the Quest to Discover an Audience Beyond Japan

Touhou is a bullet hell shooter series with a whole bunch of fan games. Now it's coming to a PS4 near you.
Caty McCarthy