E3 2018

Bethesda Knew How to Satisfy Skeptical Fans at E3. BioWare Didn't.

If you don't want 'Anthem,' what's a BioWare fan to do? Facing the same problem with 'Fallout 76,' Bethesda came up with a solution: give them what they want.
Patrick Klepek
Assassins Creed

Powerful, Believable Relationships Help Drive 'Assassin's Creed Origins'

A mother, a father, and a son do just as much to make 'Origins' memorable as changes to the game's combat.
Patrick Klepek
Kiss and Tell

Nina Freeman’s Games Really Get Millennial Romance

And by rummaging around our own pasts through them, we can better understand where we are, and where we’ve been, on all things sexual.
Kate Gray
Kiss and Tell

There Should Be More to Video Game Sex Than Just Home Runs

First base, second, third, bingo—and games constantly race to the end. But can’t we just stop at a hand-job for once?
Kate Gray
Kiss and Tell

Romance in Video Games Can Sometimes Be Best Expressed Through Words Alone

‘Night in the Woods’ is a rare example of a game that convincingly shows a relationship in motion, even when its partners are apart.
Kate Gray
Kiss and Tell

‘Ladykiller in a Bind’ Gets That Sex Shouldn’t Be a ‘Win State’

Love Conquers All’s game treats sex as narratively valuable, not a cheap achievement presented as a cutscene.
Kate Gray
Xbox One

It’s a Lean January for the Xbox One, So Why Not Play ‘Catherine'?

One of the greatest surprises of the last console generation, this peculiar puzzler warrants checking out today.
Mike Diver

Romancing the Drone: How Video Game Foreplay Makes Us Care for Our Digital Loved Ones

Sex in games is nothing new, but developers are increasingly looking to craft more realistic romances—even with anthropomorphic cattle.
Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows