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What Does ‘Replayability’ Mean Today, Anyway?

It’s one of those critical yardsticks of a game’s quality that doesn’t seem to factor so much anymore—at least, not in the old-school sense.
Mike Diver

Episode 15 of the Waypoint UK Podcast is a Sega vs Nintendo Showdown

It’s 2017, so obviously we’re talking about which was better: the Super Nintendo or the Sega Mega Drive.
Mike Diver
Earthworm Jim

You Can Keep Your Crash Bandicoot—When’s the Earthworm Jim Comeback?

Of all the 1990s gaming characters I remember, it’s the Super Suited wriggler I most want to see revived.
Mike Diver

Why I Pre-Ordered the SNES Mini, Even Though I Hate Pre-Orders

With supplies already dried up, I maybe made the right choice—but I don't feel particularly good about it.
Mike Diver

The SNES Mini Is Real, Includes ‘Star Fox 2,’ and Is Out in September

The previously rumored 16-bit mini-console features 21 games and, look, just hold me right now, okay?
Mike Diver

Atari’s New Console Probably Won’t Be Like the NES Classic

The company is back with new hardware, most likely not a simple plug-in-and-play micro-console.
Mike Diver

What the Heck is Sega Forever? Retro Games on Your Phone, Probably

No probably about it—after a little debate and speculation, it is, indeed, old-school classics in your pocket.
Mike Diver

'Flashback' Is the Most Cinematic Adventure of the 16-Bit Age

The game started life as 'The Godfather in Space.'
Mike Diver
Place and Time

On the Terrific Power of Video Games as Time Capsules

Want to see Edinburgh around 2003? Fire up ‘Project Gotham Racing 2’, and drink in the low-poly memories.
Chris Scullion
100 Deaths

8-Bit Philosophizing in ‘The Forbidden Forest’

Existential explorations of video gaming demise.
Robert Florence
super nintendo

Waypoint Staffers Select Their Super Nintendo Mini Essentials

With a SNES micro-console strongly rumored to be in production for this year’s holiday season, what games do we want to see on it?
Waypoint Staff
Wonder Boy

'Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap' Is Everything a Remake Should Be

The freshly released remake illustrates that while game visuals date fast, fun rarely does.
Mike Diver