'Prison Architect' Has No Room for Political Action

'Prison Architect' models building well, but it fails to strike at a system that routinely abuses prisoners' rights.
Yussef Cole
At Play in the Carceral State

Dragons in the Department of Corrections

Inmates at a Colorado's maximum security prison use 'Dungeons & Dragons' to collaborate and exercise their creativity... all without dice.
Elisabeth de Kleer
Kiss and Tell

‘Ladykiller in a Bind’ Gets That Sex Shouldn’t Be a ‘Win State’

Love Conquers All’s game treats sex as narratively valuable, not a cheap achievement presented as a cutscene.
Kate Gray
the legend of zelda

A Conversation with Zelda Veteran and ‘Breath of the Wild’ Producer Eiji Aonuma

Aonuma’s been a part of Zelda since ‘Ocarina of Time’, and is the ideal person to tell us about latest game's vast world and the possibility of a future gender-swapped Link.
Mike Diver

‘Nioh’ Is a Richly Detailed, Devilishly Challenging RPG That’s Just Too Tough for Me

Team Ninja’s samurai adventure is Souls-like in its difficulty—which is fine if you have the time to embrace it, says co-director Yosuke Hayashi.
Mike Diver
Xbox One

It’s a Lean January for the Xbox One, So Why Not Play ‘Catherine'?

One of the greatest surprises of the last console generation, this peculiar puzzler warrants checking out today.
Mike Diver

'Prey for the Gods' Stands out from 'Shadow of the Colossus'

It wears its influence proudly, but this indie project might well prove worthy of standing on the shoulders of a giant. We talk to one of its makers.
Katrina Filippidis
Retro Gaming

‘Double Dragon IV’ Looks Like a Comeback Solely for Its Creators’ Sake

The series’ 30th anniversary is marked by a new, not-so-new-looking game. But who is it really for: the players, or its makers?
Mike Diver
The Witcher 3

How Reading an Original Witcher Story Made a Modern Quest All the More Meaningful

The outstanding "The Last Wish" gets even better when you explore its background.
Mike Diver
On The Level

On the Level: ‘L.A. Noire’ and the Set of ‘Intolerance’

The decaying set of the 1916 movie is a perfect partner to Rockstar's story of a tragic hero chasing an American myth.
Ed Smith
Adventure Games

How ‘Hotel Dusk: Room 215’ Inspired a New Investigation

We know all about video gaming’s high-profile auteurs, but thankfully there are always more creators to explore—just check the credits.
Mike Diver
incoming class

Incoming Class: Horizon Zero Dawn Looks to Lead 2017's Action Pack

Aloy joins the incoming class of Waypoint High School—and she's bringing a load of robotic dinosaurs with her.
Mike Diver