A celebration of our favorite games, a re-imagining of the year's best characters, and an exploration of the 2017's most significant trends.

2017's Worst Villains Were More Than Just Monsters

From profit-hungry corporations to technocratic kingdoms to, yes, Nazis, games were filled with systemic villainy this year.

Cameron Kunzelman

We Made Our Own Myths in 2017's Photo Modes

Armed with our virtual cameras in our virtual worlds, we can create the images we want to believe in.

Dia Lacina

2017 Was a Year of Reckoning for Video Game Microtransactions

The first omens came in the form of horse armor over a decade ago. Now, the lootboxes (and the discourse) have truly arrived.

Patrick Klepek

Austin Walker's Top 10 Games of 2017

This year, games refined old ideas and introduced brand new ones. They also provided the fuel needed to power through the murk of 2017.

Austin Walker

Waypoint Plays: Our Favorite Games of 2017

The gods are Extremely Online, and we are their playthings.

Rob Zacny

The Best Games of 2017: Day 5

In 2017, we confronted death, shared secretes, sought comfort, fought for justice, and did our best to look absolutely incredible.

Nicole Carpenter
Janine Hawkins
Dante Douglas
Jack de Quidt
Carli Velocci

We Discuss the Video Games We're Most Looking Forward to in 2018

Just as soon as we catch up on all the games from 2017, of course.

Patrick Klepek

In 2017, Titans of the Past Returned

From Crash Bandicoot to Kingdom Hearts to LA Noire, this year brought a host of remakes and re-releases.

Amr Al-Aaser

Fanfic: The Keepers and the Queen

With metal beasts roaming the land, the Keepers of Sun and Moon—Aloy and Thorn—must rise together to face them.

Janine Hawkins

Natalie Watson's Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 was a year of playing games for—and with—other people.

Natalie Watson

Danika Harrod's Top 10 Games of 2017

Sometimes laughing, crying, and singing karaoke with your sworn brother are the best medicine for a terrible year.

Danika Harrod

The Best Games of 2017: Day 4

This year, players found secrets, sought redemption, experimented with everything... oh, and played what might be the best non-BioShock BioShock game ever.

Danielle Riendeau
Janine Hawkins
Dante Douglas
Carli Velocci
Jack de Quidt