The Pixelated Ghosts of Horror Games Past Are Haunting Us This Year

Crude polygonal models, pixelated blood, and eerily uncanny lighting and fog provide a rich palette for terror.
Michael Siebert
open thread

Classic Games Would Be More Fun If They Copied Mega Man's "Rewind" Feature

You still need to jump, dodge, and attack to survive, but it strips away some old school bullshit.
Patrick Klepek
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What's Your #GameStruck4, The Four Games That Define You?

Only four games is cruel, but that's fine. Let's do this.
Patrick Klepek

'Stranger Things' Is Imprisoned by the Nostalgia That Inspired It

As the show's conceit falls apart, the second season's monster has become a self-portrait.
Cameron Kunzelman
The Mummy

OK, Look, This Video Game Based on 'The Mummy' is Actually Good

It might also have the best soundtrack of the year.
Patrick Klepek

By Combining Christmas Gifts, My Brother Helped Me Fall in Love With Games

How the gift of an SNES marked the moment my brother and I started to walk our own paths.
Patrick Klepek
SNES Classic

The Super Nintendo Was My Gateway Drug to Consumerism

With the SNES Classic out this week, we asked an expert why the ads of the original console were so effective on us.
Giaco Furino
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

In 'Mario + Rabbids,' Banjo-Kazooie's Composer Has Another Great Soundtrack

It sounds just like the beloved N64 games and for good reason—they have the same composer.
Danielle Riendeau
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What’s Your Favorite Nostalgia Trip?

Because ‘Sonic Mania’ is a really good one.
Danielle Riendeau
E3 2017

The Remade 'Shadow Of The Colossus' Proves Our Nostalgia Has a Use-By Date

And, though it hurts to say it, the new ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ might mark that moment.
Mike Diver

Masaya Nakamura’s Passing, ‘Pac-Man’, and the Impact of a Clone

The founder of Namco was regarded as “the father of Pac-Man”—and a ‘Pac-Man’ clone played a big part in my introduction to gaming.
Mike Diver
super mario kart

‘Mario Kart 64’ is 20 Years Old, Weird, and Still a Series Highlight

Looking back at a beloved racing game from a kinder time.
Danielle Riendeau