Nintendo Switch


How Do you Balance a Day Job and Creative Hobbies?

On Waypoint Radio 187: Nintendo Direct thoughts, 'The Masque of Red Death,' 'The Messenger,' 'Frozen Synapse 2' writing advice, and much more!
Danielle Riendeau
Bad North

This Clean, Pretty, Enjoyable Strategy Game Also Happens to Star Vikings

Plausible Concept's tactical roguelike is an elegant exercise in island defense.
Danielle Riendeau

It's a Great Month to Have a Nintendo Switch

Among 'Octopath Traveler,' 'Captain Toad,' and 'Hollow Knight,' we have our hands full.
Danielle Riendeau

'Dandara' Is Yet Another Gorgeous 2D Platformer, But Plays Unlike Any Other

'Dandara' offers a gorgeous world, challenging bosses, and a whole lot of salt.
Danielle Riendeau
nintendo labo

Nintendo Labo Made Me Feel Like I Was Playing With Lego Again

It turns out, cardboard is very fun to play with. Especially if it makes cat noises.
Danielle Riendeau
Nintendo Switch

The Switch Succeeds on Nintendo's Historic "Toys Over Tech" Approach

The company isn't always good at intuiting the desires of players, but when it does…
Jeremy Parish
open thread

The Switch Captures Everything I Love About Paperback Books

I thought I was just getting a 'Breath of the Wild' machine. I didn't expect how the Switch would create a new way to relate to games.
Rob Zacny

Why 'SteamWorld Dig 2' Sold 10 Times More on Switch Vs. Steam

As it turns out, it helps to be first. And good.
Patrick Klepek
Super Mario Galaxy

'Super Mario Galaxy' Was Brilliant, But Motion Controls Ruined It

The Wii was ostensibly designed to be more accessible to more kinds of players. But motion controls don’t work for everyone.
Danielle Riendeau
Super Mario Odyssey

Controller-Passing Co-Op Is the Ultimate Way to Play 'Mario Odyssey'

You only need one controller, and a willing partner.
Danielle Riendeau

'Super Mario Odyssey' is a Fever Dream of Creativity and Pure Joy

It feels like the sequel 'Mario 64' fans have been waiting for since 1996.
Patrick Klepek
SteamWorld Dig

'SteamWorld Dig 2' Is This Year's Most Satisfying Hole Digging Simulator

This is also a formal apology for dismissing the original 'SteamWorld Dig.'
Patrick Klepek