Nintendo Switch

Here's What You Need to Know About the New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's much-speculated-about next console has had its official reveal—so we can all stop making shit up now.
Mike Diver
Ace Attorney

How the 'Law and Order' of Gaming Has Lasted for 15 Years

Few expected the Ace Attorney series to make inroads worldwide, least of all Capcom. But now its newest installment has come West, the impressive <em>Spirit of Justice</em>.
Steven Wright
The Witcher 2

'The Witcher 2' Didn't Try to Offer Endless Freedom, and That's Why It Was So Good

<em>The Witcher 3</em> may offer a massive world to explore, but its predecessor offered something more important: hard limits.
Cameron Kunzelman

How One Twitch Channel Is Fighting Abuse in the Gaming Community

We talked to Anna Prosser Robinson, the co-founder of Misscliks, a Twitch channel dedicated to diversity and inclusivity.
Jessica Famularo
Game Boy

The Video Game That Took 15 Years to Release

When Infinity's publisher walked away, it seemed like the dream was over. But more than a decade later, it's been pulled from the rubble.
Patrick Klepek
Deus Ex

'Deus Ex' Is Back (Again), but the Formula Is Growing Stale

It's been five years since Deus Ex was brought back from the dead, but a new sequel suggests change is in order.
Patrick Klepek
Paloma Dawkins

If a Video Game Were a Plant, Paloma Dawkins Would Make It

Independent game developer Paloma Dawkins transforms game environments into natural spaces—and blurs the line between those two categories all together.
Zack Kotzer
the fall

The Fall' Is One Of Gaming's Most Overlooked Sci-Fi Stories

There's a teaser trailer for a sequel to <em>The Fall</em>, and it's a fantastic opportunity to catch a game you probably missed.
Patrick Klepek
Letter Series

Robin Hunicke Wants to Change Video Games, but She Can’t Do It Alone

The Funomena co-founder and <i>Journey</i> producer explains how traditional labelling is out-dated and why we need to highlight genuine innovation.
Mike Diver
What We've Been Playing

'Pokémon Go' Player Gets Stabbed, Continues to Catch 'Em All

"I basically risked my life."
VICE Staff

We'll Always Have Lionel Messi’s Video Game Covers

Look at how he's holding that magical Wii wand to his chest, thumbing that stick, smiling that smile. Couldn't you just eat him up?
Mike Diver