game development

How One Line of Ancient Code Haunted a Major MMO For Six Months

'Aliens: Colonial Marines' isn't the only game to have shipped with problems the developers would only figure out much later.
Patrick Klepek

This Game's Secret Door Has Been A Mystery For 12 Years. Now, It's Solved.

It took one player nine years to gain enough experience to go inside, but they disappeared. Another player stepped up.
Patrick Klepek

How ‘Destiny 2’ Could Encourage More Players to See Its Best Moments

The only reason I experienced a raid was because a group took pity on me, and became my very own Sherpa in 'Destiny.'
Patrick Klepek
Asheron's Call

As 'Asheron's Call' Nears Death, One Designer Looks Back

After 17 years, the curtain is closing on 'Asheron's Call.' A lot can happen in nearly two decades.
Patrick Klepek

The 74-Year-Old Grandpa Who Doesn't Want 'Asheron's Call' to Shut Down

After 17 years of playing, Turbine's fantasy MMO isn't just a place to fight dragons; it's a place to hang out with longtime friends.
Patrick Klepek
World Of Warcraft

You Can (For Now) Experience the First Days of 'World of Warcraft' Again

Fans have resurrected a very old version of Blizzard's popular MMO. 2004 is the new 2016.
Patrick Klepek

'RuneScape' Has Survived For 15 Years By Never Forgetting its Past

Unlike 'World of Warcraft' and most other online games, 'RuneScape' lets fans play versions of the game from years ago.
Patrick Klepek
Game Preservation

The Death and Rebirth of 'The Matrix Online'

When 'The Matrix Online' announced it was shutting down in 2009, a modder named Rajko decided to save it. Seven years later, he's still working on it.
Matt Sayer
The Secret World

Inside the Dying Days of 'The Secret World'

It's not over yet, but the vibrant, weird ride that is 'The Secret World' is slowly coming to a halt.
Natalie Moore

The Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda of Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade

<i>Eternal Crusade</i> could’ve been an awesome Warhammer MMO, but Games Workshop keeps making terrible decisions.
Ian Williams

One Player’s Nine-Year Journey to Open a Locked, Secret Door

It took someone nine years to unlock a long-hidden secret. But once they did, that player disappeared and took the answers with them.
Patrick Klepek

Speaking to the Power Players Behind the Massive War Consuming 'EVE Online'

Miscommunication and propaganda are confusing a massive online conflict right now, so we spoke to the people commanding both sides of <i>EVE Online</i>'s 'World War Bee.'
Nick Cowen