Loot Boxes

E3 2018

At E3, Electronic Arts Threw Its Developers Under the Bus Over Loot Boxes

The company refused to take responsibility for last fall's backlash, and let the creatives behind 'Battlefront II,' 'Battlefield V,' and 'Anthem' promise things would be different.
Patrick Klepek
Loot Boxes

The ESRB's Response to Loot Boxes Falls Pathetically Short of Real Change

The group's own research suggests parents don't understand loot boxes, so the solution is...a label?
Patrick Klepek
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

What Happens When You Discover a Random Loot Drop Is Actually Worth $1,000

When Luke Johnson casually opened loot box in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he didn't expect to find one of the rarest items.
Patrick Klepek

This 'Battlefront II' Modder's First Creation Was a Middle Finger to EA

EA didn't want a pink Darth Vader, so this modder made it for them.
Patrick Klepek
The Pantheon of Games

2017 Was a Year of Reckoning for Video Game Microtransactions

The first omens came in the form of horse armor over a decade ago. Now, the lootboxes (and the discourse) have truly arrived.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss Gaming's Most Controversial Trend in 2017: Loot Boxes

'Battlefront II' may have been the most explosive moment, but it was hardly the only instance of loot boxes this year.
Patrick Klepek
open thread

Loot Boxes Suck, But What Takes Their Place?

Games aren’t getting any cheaper to make, but companies have created an air of mistrust.
Patrick Klepek
Free to Play

“It Feels Wrong”: Why a Popular Clicker Game Sequel's Ditching Free-to-Play

The designer behind 'Clicker Heroes' couldn't stop worrying if they were feeding the addictions of its players.
Patrick Klepek
need for speed

The New 'Need for Speed' Sees a Future Where Loot Boxes Are in Control

It wants you to be part of the Fast and the Furious, but not as much as it wants you to play a slot machine.
Austin Walker

Being Upset at a Game Developer Doesn't Give You an Excuse to Harass Them

Today, it's 'Battlefront 2.' Tomorrow, it'll be another game. There are better ways to express yourself than yelling at someone.
Patrick Klepek
Star Wars

Today's Star Wars News Makes the Future of Single-Player Look Very Messy

If Star Wars can't give a publisher confidence in a splashy, expensive single-player game, maybe everyone's doomed.
Patrick Klepek
Loot Boxes

The Organizations That Could Do Something About Loot Boxes Don't Care

Pressure has resulted in formal responses from a bunch of organizations, but so far, no action.
Patrick Klepek