What Happened To?

What Happened to 'Scale,' The Game That Let You Shrink and Grow Everything?

In 2013, 'Scale' raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter. Five years later, it's still not released. Why? Here's what we learned.
Patrick Klepek
game development

Where The Hell Did 'Mighty No. 9' For Vita and 3DS Go?

It's been two years since the disappointing spiritual successor to Mega Man came and went, but the developers still haven't fully delivered on their promises.
Patrick Klepek

“We Messed Up” — Patreon Backing Off Its Awful Payment Policy Changes

But it remains an open question whether the backers who left will ever return.
Patrick Klepek
A Hat In Time

'A Hat in Time' is the N64 Throwback 'Yooka-Laylee' Was Trying to Be

The new 3D platformer feels like a throwback to a forgotten time, in a good way.
Danielle Riendeau
Card games

What Happens to a Game's Legacy When its Creator Dies?

In a piece for The Outline, Rollin Bishop examines the uncertain future of 'Divorce! The Game.'
Cameron Kunzelman

'Project Rap Rabbit' Shows How Not to Launch a Kickstarter in 2017

With no gameplay footage and misguided stretch goals, this dream music rhythm game is already sputtering.
Patrick Klepek

Why This Very Queer Strategy Game Downplayed Its Queerness While Crowdfunding

The creators of 'All Walls Must Fall' pitched their project very differently to different audiences.
Patrick Klepek

The Legacy of Feminist Frequency's Tropes vs Women Series

When Anita Sarkeesian asked for $6,000 in 2012, she couldn't have predicted what would happen in the years to come.
Patrick Klepek

We Almost Had a Final Fantasy-Style Game All About Weed

In a just world, 'Weedopia' would've made it off of Kickstarter and we'd all have free Tokachu t-shirts. (Tokachu is like Pikachu, but weed.)
Cameron Kunzelman
brutal games

The Beautiful Brutality of the Deeply Underrated 'Flywrench'

Most people missed out on 'Flywrench' in 2015, but a new PlayStation 4 version is a chance to discover a gem.
Patrick Klepek
A Postcard From...

Learning the Right Way to Die in 'Pathologic: The Marble Nest'

This standalone preview reveals that Ice Pick Lodge's remake of the cult classic has retained its strange spirit.
Jack de Quidt

Yet Another Reminder That Crowdfunding Isn't A Guarantee

The Omni was supposed to let you walk around in VR, but due to money problems, international backers who've been waiting three years will have to move on.
Patrick Klepek