One Player's 21,000 Hole Quest to Beat the Seemingly Endless 'Desert Golf'

For two years, a glitch halted Luke Yagnow's progress. Then, everything changed.
Patrick Klepek
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Why Did Mom Hid My Game?????

help me find it please???
Janine Hawkins
Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' Mobile Game Is Too Cute For This Cruel World

Who knows if it'll be any fun to play, but this game's got style for days.
Patrick Klepek
Mobile Games

This is One of the Funniest Puzzle Games I've Ever Played

'Zip-Zap' is a mobile game of mechanical humor.
Jack de Quidt
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Get Planting in This 'Threes'-Like Puzzle Game

'Topsoil' is a simple, cozy puzzler with charm.
Janine Hawkins
Mobile Games

Why I’ll Never Delete ‘Threes!’, AKA the Best Mobile Game Ever

It began as a crutch, but now it’s something else—the app I’ll never get rid of.
Kate Gray
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Share Glorious Failure With Your Friends in 'Oopstacles'

'Oopstacles' is a wild obstacle course with a godly .gif game.
Janine Hawkins
Adventure Games

I Finally Beat ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’ Maze, Thanks, iOS

But, while that aspect of the adventure’s easier than it was in paper, the combat in Tin Man’s new adaptation is an exercise in frustration.
Mike Diver
hide and seek

‘Hidden Folks’ Is a Huffing, Puffing, Handcrafted Take On ‘Where’s Waldo’

This pleasant puzzler doesn’t put the player under any pressure. So just take your time, and poke away.
Mike Diver
Fire Emblem

Nintendo's Mobile 'Fire Emblem' Is a 'Gacha' Game, Here's What That Means

If there was ever a franchise to take advantage of this popular way of making money on smartphones, it's 'Fire Emblem.'
Patrick Klepek
The Pick-Me-Up

The Pick-Me-Up: 'Soccer Physics' Won't Make You Sweat, Might Make You Barf

This was never meant to be mastered. This is the kind of game that makes you laugh until you’re sick.
Chris Schilling
Mega Man

Capcom's Latest 'Mega Man' Ports on Mobile Are Terrible

The company doesn't seem to know what to do with the blue bomber, so maybe they should just leave him alone.
Patrick Klepek