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Meet The Devs Who Made Indie Games on the Original Playstation

We speak to three developers who started on Sony’s PlayStation dev kit—Net Yaroze—and what it meant to share their expertise and experiences online.
Jake Tucker

In the Company of Heroes: An Interview with ‘Overwatch’ Designer Jeff Kaplan

We discuss new characters, the importance of the meta, and the social responsibilities of game developers in the 21st century.
Justin Mahboubian-Jones
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A No Bullshit Conversation With The Authors Behind The Witcher and Metro 2033

Witcher novelist Andrzej Sapkowski says he doesn't owe games anything, but Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks games made them both.
Piotr Bajda

Listen to a Bonus ‘Live From Rezzed’ Episode of the Waypoint UK Podcast

We’re joined by the makers of ‘Knights and Bikes’ and ‘Gang Beasts’.
Mike Diver
A Normal Lost Phone

'A Normal Lost Phone' Is Anything But a Normal Dive Into Video Game Storytelling

A conversation about curiosity and consequences with the game’s programmer Diane Landais.
Kate Gray
Indie Gaming

What It's Like to Curate an Indie Gaming Event

It’s a testing world, individualism necessarily tempered by accessibility. We speak to three organizers about their efforts to have us playing differently.
Jake Tucker
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An Account of Uncommon Darkness: 'Lone Survivor' on Its Fifth Anniversary

Jasper Byrne’s survival horror remains a singular descent into discomfort. We speak to the solo developer.
Ed Smith
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More Than Fuzzy Nostalgia, FMV Games Still Matter Today

‘Her Story’ did wonders for reviving a seemingly dead gaming genre—and since then, many more developers have been having fun with real actors.
Mike Diver
Stories Untold

'Stories Untold' Is an Expression of Anti-Nostalgia

No Code’s game bears visions of the past, but the more you seek comfort in its familiar aesthetics, the more sinister it becomes. We speak to its maker, Jon McKellan.
Ed Smith
Horizon Zero Dawn

Assembling Aloy: How 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Is Built Around Its Hero

Discussing influences and interactions with the game's narrative director John Gonzales.
Mike Diver
Inputs and Outputs

Lights, Camera, Distraction: The Problem with Virtual Camera Systems

How we view a game is of paramount importance to how we play it—but it’s not uncommon for that communication to fall apart.
Jack Yarwood
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The Invaluable Rise of the Talking Simulator

Charting the rise of one of gaming's most important genres.
Joe Donnelly