Exploring the Uncanny, Sci-Fi Dystopias of Simon Stålenhag

To celebrate the release of his third book, 'The Electric State,' we spoke with the Swedish painter about the fear of technology, the rise of fascism, the power of art, and (of course) robots.
Jack de Quidt

Talking Sci-Fi, Math, and Chaos with the Creator of 'Magic: The Gathering'

25 years after its creation, Richard Garfield provides insight into how his love of breaking the rules helped him make the world's biggest collectible card game.
Cameron Kunzelman
no man's sky

We Spent an Hour Talking to Hello Games About Everything ‘No Man’s Sky’

We touch on everything you might imagine: the game's launch, harassment, crunch, cut features, how they've spent the last two years improving the game, and much more.
Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker

Talking Cults and Culture with the Developers of 'Far Cry 5'

We spoke with Far Cry 5 director Dan Hay and cult expert Mia Donovan about the game's treatment of religion, community, race, and more.
Austin Walker

How Games Can Better Accommodate Disabled Players

From colorblindness to subtitles, the medium still has a way to go before it’s really for all the players.
Mike Diver
Tetsuya Mizuguchi

‘Rez’ Designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi Wants to Make Magic

Waypoint catches up with the always-optimistic creator at Brighton’s Develop conference.
Mike Diver
indie games

Despite a Cold Shoulder at E3, Sony Isn't Turning Its Back on Indies

After PlayStation's presentation left indies on the sidelines, devs assure us that they're not "less relevant now."
Mike Diver

Microsoft Curious How Independent Teams Will Use Scorpio's Extra Power

Chris Charla of ID@Xbox talks about parallels between indie dev and punk rock, and Microsoft’s new hardware.
Mike Diver
Nier Automata

Does the Designer Behind ‘Nier: Automata’ Believe in God?

The unconventional mind behind one of this year’s most surprising games answers our questions.
Patrick Klepek
Oral History

The Complete, Untold History of Halo

The story behind the Halo franchise as it's never been told—by the key individuals that made it.
Steve Haske
Weird Arcades

Inside the Subversive London Arcade with No Video Games

At Tim Hunkin’s Novelty Automation, silliness, cynicism and a love of mechanical engineering rules absolutely.
Will Freeman

Inside the Initiative Bringing eSports to British Schools

Digital Schoolhouse is helping kids get ahead with computing skills—and showing that there’s more to eSports than just playing the games.
Mike Diver