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One Designer's 15-Year Journey to Ship The 'Doom' Mod He Started as a Teen

At 14 years old, 'Total Chaos' was an experiment. By 2018, Sam Prebble was haunted by an attempt to push, pull, and break John Carmack's engine in ways it was never intended.
Patrick Klepek
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Bethesda Is Such A Weird Company, But That's Exactly Why They're So Fun

'Rage 2'? Sure, why not. Thanks to games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, they can basically do what they want.
Patrick Klepek

What's a Game That Caused You to Rethink Crappy Beliefs?

On today's Waypoint Radio, we get very serious about coffee, games that have caused us to re-examine bad traits, and Brendan Fraser.
Danielle Riendeau
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Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?

If people can speculate about id Software's weird open world game getting a follow-up, don't let anyone crush your hopes.
Patrick Klepek

The Doom Mod That Best Describes Our Uncanny Reality

Welcome to the Zone.
Liz Ryerson

The Multiplayer Mode of ‘DOOM’ Almost Never Happened

Well, it was certainly a panicked, last-moment addition. But it all worked out OK, John Romero remembers.
Mike Diver

Learn Why It Took 12 Years to Bring Back 'Doom'

Documentarian Danny O'Dwyer goes inside the troubled history of this year’s excellent shooter.
Patrick Klepek
The Games That Made me

How 'Doom 2' Helped Me Understand Technology

A trip to the computer store in search of financial software with my dad became a surprising way to learn about how computers work.
Patrick Klepek

For A Brief Moment, Hackers Beat PC Gaming's Best Anti-Piracy Tech

It's been nearly impossible to pirate some of PC gaming's biggest releases lately, but that's not stopping hackers from trying.
Patrick Klepek