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Let's Talk About What Happened With 'No Man's Sky'

We talk about our epic interview with Sean Murry, and the the promise and politics of 'No Man's Sky' on today's Waypoint Radio.
Danielle Riendeau
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Story Mode, Multiplayer, and More Make Us Want to Play 'No Man's Sky'

The Atlas Rises patch adds a brand-new storyline.
Jack de Quidt
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A Cryptic ARG Suggests a Big 'No Man's Sky' Expansion is Near

The search for deep-space El Dorado continues.
Connor Trinske
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You Can Build Your Dream Home in No Man's Sky

The Foundation Update offers new modes of play, including base-building.
Danielle Riendeau
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Why We Returned 'No Man’s Sky'

We asked five paying customers what made them return the not-so-infinite possibilities of the massively hyped video game.
Mike Diver
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Inside the Nasty Backlash Against 'No Man's Sky'

After years of hype and anticipation, the reality of No Man's Sky has fractured fans, developers, and gaming communities.
Patrick Klepek
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Postcards from the Edge of the Universe: A ‘No Man’s Sky’ Gallery

Everyone's experience of <em>No Man's Sky</em> is going to be different, and yet, some of these sights are sure to remind you of worlds you've visited.
Sam White
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My First Three Hours of ‘No Man’s Sky’ Have Been Dark, and Full of Terrors

Some will find their <em>NMS</em> experience relaxing, but I've been blown apart by enemies, clawed by alien beasts, and stranded on deadly planets.
Mike Diver
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‘No Man’s Sky’ Designer Sean Murray on New Gaming Horizons and Never Giving Up

VICE meets the man at the heart of one of 2016's biggest video games, to learn about stresses and relief, hopes and hardships.
Mike Diver
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If I Could Talk to the Planets: On the Inviting Loneliness of ‘No Man’s Sky’

This other life forms in this game don't give a shit about you, so you might as well find your fun on the worlds instead.
Jake Tucker
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What Does a Former NASA Employee Think of 'No Man's Sky'?

We went and asked one, to see if the imminent space-faring epic from Hello Games could encourage a new era of interstellar exploration.
Alex Tisdale
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​‘No Man’s Sky’ Isn’t Out Until Next Week, But This Guy May Have Already Beaten It

A player with a leaked copy of <em>No Man's Sky</em> reached the center of the galaxy in 30 hours. But why are we so obsessed with the game's length?
Austin Walker