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What Even Is an Open World Game Anymore?

It's an open question, so we're going to do what we do best: record a podcast talking about it.
Patrick Klepek

Games Need More Power Fantasies Beyond Beefy Dudes with Big Guns

Games are many things to many people, so the easiest, broadest power fantasies don't cut it for everyone.
Cameron Kunzelman
On The Level

'Grand Theft Auto III' Was Special Because It Was Mundane

The purposefully dull environment of ‘GTA III’ was wonderfully unlike anything that’d come before it.
Ed Smith

There is an AI Learning To Drive in GTA V Right Now

“Charles” is an open-source AI that is learning to drive a car in GTA.
Danielle Riendeau

The License-Free ‘Lego City Undercover’ Is Full of Great Movie Moments

Shorn of a single franchise, this open-worlder nudges and winks its way to a plethora of fun references, and is one of the best Lego games around.
Mike Diver
Grand Theft Auto

‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Shows the Importance of Outsider Perspective

The series’ satirical slant on America is most relatable when seen through the eyes of a newcomer.
Ed Smith
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Relive Wild Road Rage Fantasies in 'Howard Phillips Lovecar'

'Howard Phillips Lovecar' is an id-fueled car-murder game with nostalgia to spare.
Chris Priestman
Grand Theft Auto

My Night with a ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Money Dropper

Some ‘GTA Online’ players are taking a charitable approach to the game, by undercutting Rockstar’s own micro-transactions.
Jason Nawara
pc gaming

One Man’s Quest to Let People Play Games on Their Crappy Computers

For PC players without top-of-the-line machines, it takes a little extra tinkering in order to play the best new games.
Patrick Klepek

Middle Eastern Promise: Why Dubai Is a Perfect Setting for Grand Theft Auto

The UAE's biggest city could be just the exotic injection of inspiration the GTA series needs to avoid falling into repetition.
Chris Creegan

Forget Your Grand Theft Autos: This Is Why ‘Max Payne 3’ Is Rockstar’s Best-Ever Game

The small details in Rockstar's 2012 shooter add up to make it the studio's most impressively visceral title to date.
Ed Smith

Meet the Documentary Makers and Daredevils of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

The Rockstar Editor has introduced a thriving performance culture to <i>GTA V</i>, proving there's more to Los Santos than murder and stealing cars.
Joe Donnelly