CNET's Jeff Bakalar Joins Us on Waypoint Radio

Between The Game Awards and Patreon changes, there's a lot to talk about.
Patrick Klepek
Demon's Souls

‘Demon’s Souls’ Finally Going Offline Next Year

You’ll still be able to play the 'Dark Souls' predecessor, but you’ll be on your own.
Patrick Klepek
The Surge

'The Surge' Is More Than a Sci-Fi 'Dark Souls' Clone

The developers behind 'Lords of the Fallen' have given their latest game an identity.
Patrick Klepek
Dark Souls

'Dark Souls 3' Detectives Uncover Evidence You Could Once Create Bonfires

'Dark Souls' would be really different if you could pick your own checkpoints.
Patrick Klepek
Dark Souls

‘Dark Souls: The Board Game’ Makes Death Feel Truly Unfair

By putting players’ fortunes in the hands of fate, rather than skill, Steamforged’s tabletop adaptation loses a vital aspect of Dark Souls’ appeal.
Liam Patrick Hainey
Dark Souls

The Last Dark Souls Adventure Ends the Series With a Whimper

As FromSoftware tries to say goodbye to Dark Souls, it's a reminder that maybe we should all be moving on.
Patrick Klepek

The Modder Who Reverse Engineered ‘Dark Souls’ to Fix Its Mouse Support

When the developer won't do the work, someone else has to.
Patrick Klepek

We Break Down What Defines a ‘Souls’ Game on Waypoint Radio

Because if we can come up with a reason to talk ‘Dark Souls,’ we will.
Patrick Klepek

'Nioh' Suggests That 'Dark Souls' Actually Invented a New Genre

Many are calling 'Nioh' a samurai-themed take on the FromSoftware series, but that's selling it (and Souls) short.
Patrick Klepek
Game Mechanics

The Long, Desperate Search To Understand Poise In 'Dark Souls 3'

Months after release, a frustrated <i>Dark Souls</i> community finally has the answers it's been looking for. It shouldn't have taken this long.
Patrick Klepek
What We've Played

I Stress-Tested ‘Dark Souls III’ with a Heart Rate Monitor Strapped to My Chest

You'd think that all of these tense boss battles would send my BPM soaring. But actually, it was something a lot less physically demanding.
Josef Zorn

The Greatest Moments of Dark Souls

From <i>Demon's Souls</i> to the third Dark Souls proper, here are the landscapes, the boss battles, and the memories that will last a lifetime.
Dave Cook