Police Quest

How Sierra and a Disgraced Cop Made the Most Reactionary Game of the 90s

In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots that ruined his reputation, Daryl Gates found himself in a point-and-click professional afterlife.
Duncan Fyfe
narrative games

This Game About Domestic Abuse Helped Me Understand My Own Trauma

'Another Lost Phone' looks long and hard at what we think of as "acceptable" behavior. CW for domestic abuse.
Kate Gray
At Play in the Carceral State

In 'Injustice 2,' Even Our Heroes Are Authoritarian Assholes

A battle between Superman and Batman showcases the limit of the superhero allegory.
Yussef Cole
At Play in the Carceral State

The Culture of Games at Gitmo Goes Beyond Prisoners and Guards

Under the Trump presidency, future of games at Gitmo is yet to be determined.
Muira McCammon
Fighting Games

Why Combo Breaker Is the Place to Fall in Love With Fighting Games

We head to the Midwest’s premier fighting game tournament to mingle with faithful fans and fighters.
William Barboza

How Games Can Better Accommodate Disabled Players

From colorblindness to subtitles, the medium still has a way to go before it’s really for all the players.
Mike Diver
Destiny 2

The ‘Destiny 2’ Beta Is Fun, But Doesn’t Answer Some Big Questions

An exciting campaign mission and a thrilling strike doesn't tell us very much about the long arc of the game.
Patrick Klepek
narrative games

Why The Makers of 'Tacoma' and 'Edith Finch' Love Loneliness

Giant Sparrow and Fullbright speak to us about the decisions that lead to such lonely adventures.
Rosh Kelly
Tetsuya Mizuguchi

‘Rez’ Designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi Wants to Make Magic

Waypoint catches up with the always-optimistic creator at Brighton’s Develop conference.
Mike Diver
indie games

Despite a Cold Shoulder at E3, Sony Isn't Turning Its Back on Indies

After PlayStation's presentation left indies on the sidelines, devs assure us that they're not "less relevant now."
Mike Diver
Earthworm Jim

You Can Keep Your Crash Bandicoot—When’s the Earthworm Jim Comeback?

Of all the 1990s gaming characters I remember, it’s the Super Suited wriggler I most want to see revived.
Mike Diver
E3 2017

How the 'Life Is Strange' Prequel Is Giving Queer Fans More Choices

What was sometimes only hinted at in 'Life is Strange' is a much bigger part of this new story.
Patrick Klepek