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British Female Gamers Talk Discrimination in the Gaming Community

Female gamers open up about the harassment they've experienced playing online and the need to "prove themselves" in real life.
Mike Diver

‘Super Mario Bros.’ Taught Me to Be the Best, and More Lessons from the Mushroom Kingdom

Looking back at 30 years of lessons imparted by a high-jumping plumber and his dinosaur friends.
Brad Barrett

What Would the World be Like if Peaceful Video Games Were More Popular Than Hyper-Violent Ones?

How would today's gaming landscape be different if the first-person puzzler, not the gory shooter, had been the most important game of the 1990s?
Mike Diver

Meet the Man Making Gaming Accessible for the Disabled

This isn't just a job for Ian Hamilton—it's a mission to spark lasting cultural change.
Kirk Mckeand

‘E.T.’ Boiled My Blood: Testing the Stressfulness of the World’s Worst Video Game

I hooked myself up to a blood pressure monitor to see just how awful the Atari 2600 'classic' really is.
Joe Donnelly
The Games That Made me

‘NBA Jam’ Is the Game That Almost Made Me a Champion

I've never been very good at things, but for one night in March 2015, I saw glory before me. I even touched it.
Mike Diver

E-Match Fixing: Why Professionals Gamers Risk Everything for a Payday

A slew of scandals have tarnished the burgeoning industry of e-sports, snaring some of the biggest players on the planet and bringing about appalling real-world tragedies.
Gareth Platt
Into the Darkness

Gaming’s Bleakest Should Remind Us of What Matters in Our Real Lives

<i>Majora's Mask</i>, <i>Half-Life 2</i>, <i>Papers Please</i>—through the darkness of these interactive experiences, we can appreciate the light in our own existences.
Brad Barrett

Face-Stabbing and Cop-Killing: Inside 2015's Most Controversial Video Game

Destructive Creations' <i>Hatred</i> has drawn plenty of criticism for the fact that its main character, a big hairy man, seems intent on killing innocent civilians for no particular reason.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell