Before 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Blows Up at EVO, Here's What You Need to Know

Here's how 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' went from just another anime fighter to major competitive game, and what that means for this weekend's big tournament.
Eric Van Allen

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Danielle Riendeau
Fighting Games

'Street Fighter EX' Makers Return with Mysterious New Fighting Game

A studio with a cult following, Arika are back after a nearly two-decade hiatus.
Connor Trinske
EVO 2017

CM Punk and His Dog Just Tried to Cheer Up the FGC's Punk About Losing EVO

Even Daigo couldn't parry that underbite.
Rob Zacny
Street Fighter V

Some Street Fighter Fans Are Salty Because Abigail Seems Too Simple

The new character in ‘Street Fighter V’ is rubbing players the wrong way. But he’s actually a lot like someone you already know.
Gareth Dutton
EVO 2017

The Echo Fox Teamkill in 'Tekken 7' Was One of EVO's Best Moments

It took a few games, but once JDCR figured out his teammate's play style, their fight turned into a beating.
Rob Zacny

What the World of Fighting Games Looks Like the Eve of Its Biggest Event

Each game showcased at Evolution is its own world, reflecting myriad communities. This is what to watch for when they clash in Vegas.
Josh Melnick
What We've Been Playing

These Are the Moments That Made Evo 2016

The world's biggest fighting game gathering is over, and these are the stories we'll remember from the thousands of rounds.
Andi Hamilton
EVO 2016

Don't Miss These Lesser Known Fighting Games from Evo 2016

<i>Street Fighter</i> and <i>Mortal Kombat</i> weren't the only games at last weekend's massive Evo fighting game tournament. These smaller titles are well worth your attention, too.
Austin Walker

Why ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ Is the Game to Watch at Evo 2016

Even 15 years after its release, fighting games don't come better than this Nintendo GameCube classic.
Robby Gee
Street Fighter

KO’d But Forever Classic: A Eulogy for ‘Street Fighter IV’

Pro-level players give us their thoughts on the significance of the fighting game phenomenon, as Capcom transitions from <i>IV</i> to <i>V</i>.
Andi Hamilton