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This Game Asks the Important Questions, Like What If Trump Met a Ghost

‘The White House at Night’ is a wonderfully off-the-rails adventure about Trump’s encounters with the dead.
Danielle Riendeau
Donald Trump

In Search for Any Excuse But Guns, Trump to Meet With Video Game Industry

We can only wonder what the folks at /r/The_Donald must be thinking right now.
Patrick Klepek

This 'Civ VI' Mod is Translating Trump's Real-Life Policies into the Game

When Trump proposes budget cuts to science, that's going to impact what it's like to play as Trump in the game, too.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss How Gaming and Politics Went Hand-in-Hand in 2017

From Trump to labor disputes, 2017 was a year in which it was impossible to talk about video games without considering politics.
Patrick Klepek
Puerto Rico

A Light in the Darkness: Portable Gaming in Hurricane-Wrecked Puerto Rico

Falmung hasn't had power for months. It's unclear when he'll get power back. For now, he focuses on charging his devices.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss ‘Echo,’ Golf Courses, and Trump’s NFL Tweets on Waypoint Radio

It was going to be a short episode, and then The Question Bucket happened.
Patrick Klepek

It’s Los Angeles Shit Talking, ‘Fortnite,’ and More on Waypoint Radio

In the question bucket, we remember games we've finished because the story was enough for us to stick around.
Patrick Klepek
Papers Please

‘Papers, Please’ Is Frighteningly Resonant in Trump's America

What to do when "just doing your job" puts you on the wrong side of morality.
Dawn Saas

What Should Parents Do When Their Kid's Favorite YouTuber Gets Racist?

Just because a YouTube channel is "about video games" doesn't mean everything will stay that simple.
Patrick Klepek

YouTube, Disney Distance Themselves From PewDiePie Following Anti-Semitic Videos

The video creator known for playing video games has been getting attention for topics much more disturbing lately.
Patrick Klepek
The VICE Guide to Life

Your Voice Is Important, So Start a Podcast

It's easier, cheaper, and more valuable than you think.
Patrick Klepek

We Reflect on Trump’s Inauguration And Gaming’s Future on Waypoint Radio

The plan was to only record one political episode this week. In the words of Rick Perry, oops.
Patrick Klepek