The Emotionless Death Throes of 'Battlefield V'

The freighted inspirations for a wounded soldier animation, and how they became trivialized in DICE's latest military shooter.
Cameron Kunzelman
Battlefield V

A Battlefield for Everyone, But Rarely at the Same Time

At its best, DICE's latest achieves moments of greatness, but it struggles to sustain them.
Rob Zacny
Battlefield V

So Far, 'Battlefield V' Seems to Sand Away the Heart of 'Battlefield 1'

Following the 'Battlefield V' Closed Alpha, letting go of 'Battlefield 1' is a lot harder.
Rob Zacny

This 'Battlefront II' Modder's First Creation Was a Middle Finger to EA

EA didn't want a pink Darth Vader, so this modder made it for them.
Patrick Klepek
The Pantheon of Games

2017 Was a Year of Reckoning for Video Game Microtransactions

The first omens came in the form of horse armor over a decade ago. Now, the lootboxes (and the discourse) have truly arrived.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss Developer Harassment, Xbox One X, And More on Waypoint Radio

Oh, and please don’t be a milkshake duck, chillout_man.
Patrick Klepek

Being Upset at a Game Developer Doesn't Give You an Excuse to Harass Them

Today, it's 'Battlefront 2.' Tomorrow, it'll be another game. There are better ways to express yourself than yelling at someone.
Patrick Klepek
Star Wars Battlefront 2

Disney Revives Beloved 'Battlefront II' As New, Shiny Version Enters Beta

As they try to play on new servers, fans are remembering just how much they loved old-school Battlefront, and how much they didn't love DICE's version.
Connor Trinske
E3 2017

Publishers: Your Press Events Are Not Esports

It’s boring and embarrassing nobody likes it.
Jordan Mallory