Devolver Digital


'Minit' Is a Speedy Triumph, Where The Goal Is Simple: Live, Die, Repeat

'Minit' is a quirky Zelda-like you play in 60-second chunks.
Danielle Riendeau
Crossing Souls

This ‘Stranger Things’-Inspired Game Has Me Stuck in a Moral Upside Down

‘Crossing Souls’ has a lot of heart, warmth, and unfortunately, stereotypes.
Danielle Riendeau

'Pikuniku' Turns a Wild Imagination Into a Great Playset

You'll be surprised at how many random whims and dark impulses this charming little side-scroller shares with you.
Kate Gray
Fighting Games

'Absolver' Is a New Approach to Fighting Games in a Genre Desperate For It

With its weird world and customizable combos, this open-world adventure is a fighting game for players who don't like fighting games.
Matthew Gault

We Talk 'Absolver,' 'Minit,' and Devolver Digital on Waypoint Radio

Two of Waypoint's finest martial arts fans discuss digital fisticuffs.
Danielle Riendeau
E3 2017

Devolver's Upcoming Games Got Lost in its Explosive E3 Parody

As one of the biggest indie publishers around, it could have put parody aside for better promotion.
Mike Diver

‘Strafe’ Says Fuck You to Old, Archaic Views on Gender

This chaotic ‘Doom’ throwback lets players select from anywhere they please on a gender slider.
Danielle Riendeau
indie games

‘Ruiner’ Might Be the ‘Hotline Miami’ Successor Your Bloodlust’s Been After

Reikon is a new name in indie dev, but with staffers from ‘The Witcher 3’ and ‘Dying Light,’ no wonder their debut game looks great.
Mike Diver
Stories Untold

'Stories Untold' Is an Expression of Anti-Nostalgia

No Code’s game bears visions of the past, but the more you seek comfort in its familiar aesthetics, the more sinister it becomes. We speak to its maker, Jon McKellan.
Ed Smith
waypoint plays

Watch Danielle and Joel Get Creeped Out in 'Stories Untold'

This 'Stranger Things' looking narrative game has spooky tales for days.
Danielle Riendeau