Competitive gaming

bullet hell shooters

An Insider Look into the World of Competitive Bullet Hells

What the under-appreciated art of the shoot 'em-up says about competitive culture and what makes an esport.
Mark R. Johnson and Alexandra Orlando
Competitive gaming

Learning The Bizarre Digital Body Language of 'Botolo'

Competitive video games are often so complex that they can lose a bit of the human drama of performance. 'Botolo' represents another way.
Nicole Carpenter
Sensible Soccer

The 'Sensible Soccer' World Cup Is an eSport Event Like No Other

No big stadiums and lavish cash prizes here. These devoted fans use their love of a retro classic and a desire to connect with others as a way of kindling their passions.
Fraser Gilbert
Mario Kart 8

‘Mario Kart 8’ Is an Amazing eSport, if Only eSports Would Take It Seriously

It's accessible, sure, "casual" even—but played at the top level Nintendo's racer is much more than a goofy game of luck.
James O'Connor
Rocket League

The 'Rocket League' World Cup Shows Why 'Rocket League' Is Awesome

The biggest competitive games rarely travel well beyond their core audiences, but Psyonix's title's simplicity is a virtue.
Rich Stanton
The Games That Made me

‘Street Fighter V’ Has Its First World Champion

Infiltration wins the game's first-ever Evo tournament, and is naturally pretty happy about the whole thing.
Mike Diver

Meeting the Stars of Competitive Call of Duty

At Le Zénith in Paris, Call of Duty's finest go nozzle to nozzle in tournament play. In the heat of the action, I'm lost in the drama. Not a "real" sport, you say? Feels pretty real to me.
Mike Diver