Board Games

Board Games

A Cancelled Board Game Revealed How Colonialism Inspires and Haunts Games

'Scramble for Africa' was cancelled amid apologies from a publisher and a broader debate about ethical gaming in the tabletop space.
Jon Bolding
Games and health

How One Dev Is Using Games as Therapy to Reach Across Generations

Game designer Alex Jimenez and social worker Timothy Burns are using games to help young people to open up about mental health.
Dante Douglas
open thread

1960s Board Games For Girls Were Messed Up

I entered the world of heteronormative 60s board games marketed to young girls this weekend. It was a wild journey.
Danielle Riendeau
open thread

Winning Is Fun, But Not Knowing What Victory Means Might Be Better

The 'Terraforming Mars' board game kept me guessing right until the end, which is something I'd like more strategy games to try.
Rob Zacny
Board Games

Board Games Were Indoctrination Tools for Christ, Then Capitalism

The very weird tale of how American board games used to teach you how to get to heaven, and later, how to make bank.
Robert Rath
Board Games

How Fantasy Flight Made 'Fallout' Into a Surprisingly Authentic Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games has adapted the radioactive world of Fallout into cardboard.
Samantha Nelson
magic: the gathering

This New Spinoff Re-Imagines 'Magic: The Gathering' as a Board Game

'Explorers of Ixalan' lets you and up to three friends battle across a dinosaur-and-pirate infested island.
Cameron Kunzelman
Lords of Waterdeep

'Lords of Waterdeep' Is a Great Board Game Adaptation but a Bad Teacher

The game you know and love, but only if you know it enough to love it in the first place.
Rob Zacny
Board Games

Before 'Paper Mario' There Was Cardboard Mario and Tabletop Zelda

Game researcher Nathan Altice looks at the fascinating history of NES board games.
Cameron Kunzelman
Board Games

I Played 5 Professionally-Designed Drinking Games

I had a party with my closest friends, 5 drinking-themed board games, and a whole lot of booze.
Samantha Nelson

'BattleTech' Brings 'MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries' into a Post-'XCOM' World

Reinventing an Ameritrash board gaming classic, sans all the trash.
Rob Zacny
Sherlock Holmes

Why Players Always Return to Games About Baker Street and Jack the Ripper

How the Victorian Era endures as the classic setting for mystery and murder.
Samantha Nelson