The Alien Sounds of ‘Prey’ Are Absolutely Terrifying

Arkane’s sci-fi reboot is very capable of shitting its player up, mainly because of its unsettling acoustics.
Mike Diver

‘Prey’ Is More Freaky Sci-fi, Less Horror

‘Prey’ Creative Director Raphael Colantonio on making Arkane’s latest immersive sim
Danielle Riendeau
waypoint plays

Danielle and Danika Play The First Hour of ‘Prey’

On the first, last, and best episode of ‘The Fern Between Two Ds,' Waypoint’s Danika Harrod and Danielle Riendeau dive into ‘Prey.’
Danielle Riendeau

Banana Peels, Nasty Aliens, and Brain Hacking in 'Prey'

Arkane's upcoming immersive sim is heir apparent to BioShock and Dishonored.
Danielle Riendeau and Mike Diver
First Person Shooters

Why ‘SWAT 4’ Remains a Shooter That Compellingly Plays Against Type

Irrational’s pre-‘BioShock’ shooter, re-released this month, still feels unique for its genre, although the subject matter has become more controversial.
Jake Tucker
tabletop gaming

What Do Survival Horror and 'Dungeons & Dragons' have in Common? Dread.

Tabletop RPGs may not be known for getting the same scares as old Silent Hill games. But 'Dread' gets there.
Alex Meehan

BioShock’s Jordan Thomas Discusses the Acclaimed Trilogy

An essential member of the teams behind BioShock and its sequels, Thomas tells us about aiming for Aliens but producing Pitch Black.
Ed Smith
What We've Been Playing

What We've Been Playing: September 2016

What (two of) the team at Waypoint was playing last month.
Mike Diver
BioShock Infinite

The Politics of 'BioShock Infinite' Are All the Worse When Revisited in a Heated Election Year

But while its narrative is politically pessimistic, Irrational's shooter was, and remains, very positive about video games as a form.
Ed Smith

This is What Video Gaming Narratives Need to Do to Be Taken Seriously

Interactive stories that play out through our consoles can be riveting; but the gaming medium is still seen as "weaker" than novels and movies. How do we change that?
Mike Diver
Letter Series

I’ll Never Love Another Console Like I Loved the PlayStation 3

The games of the PS3 era were special in many ways, but also showcased a lot of the medium's shortcomings, ones that gaming is only beginning to deal with.
Ed Smith

What Video Game Morality Says About You

Is it OK to be the bad guy when you're not really a bad guy? Or does playing evil reveal a dark side that you never recognized before?
Kirk Mckeand