A week-long series investigating the relationship between America's cultures of incarceration and play.

Here Are All the Video Games Detainees Can Play in Gitmo

Lots of soccer and Harry Potter but no Call of Duty.

Matthew Gault

Here's More of the Best Writing on Games and Prison

Critical Distance looks at some of the best writing on games and incarceration.

Critical Distance

This Zine Collects Letters Sent to EGM Magazine By Inmates

'Letters from Incarcerated Gamers' is a time capsule that explores the desire for freedom and the power dynamics of prison.

Austin Walker

Games Can Portray Limitless Worlds. Why Not One Without Prisons?

Games can be a key tool in reshaping our thoughts about crime and punishment.

Cameron Kunzelman

Inside the Bureaucratic Nightmare That Is Reporting on Gitmo

How long wait times and lack of precedent impede efforts to study the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Muira McCammon

Picture the Surveillance State in this Game

‘Freedom Through a Lens’ is a game about protest, resistance, and the importance of a free press.

Danielle Riendeau

Pokémon Go Took Over the World Last Year, Including Gitmo

"The arrival of improved internet and cellular service in Gitmo completely transformed the social ecosystem of the base."

Muira McCammon

In 'Injustice 2,' Even Our Heroes Are Authoritarian Assholes

A battle between Superman and Batman showcases the limit of the superhero allegory.

Yussef Cole

The Culture of Games at Gitmo Goes Beyond Prisoners and Guards

Under the Trump presidency, future of games at Gitmo is yet to be determined.

Muira McCammon

Interactive Fiction's Favorite Setting Is the Dungeon of the Mind

How the genre's earliest influences and limitations created a tradition of metaphorical imprisonment.

Bruno Dias

This Absurdist Courtroom Sim Takes Justice Out of the System

'Murder Dog IV: The Trial of Murder Dog' revels in the arbitrariness of justice.

Cameron Kunzelman

The Benefits of Gaming Behind Bars

"When boredom kicks in, that's when people get edgy," said one prisoner, "but when there's a FIFA tournament going on, it brings people together."

Mike Diver