This Calming Zine Is Helping My Social Media Overstimulation

Heterotopias examines virtual architecture through essays and images that make you stop and think.
Mikhail Klimentov
Adventures and Anxiety

How to Navigate Open Worlds When Your Anxiety Leaves You Disoriented

Games like ‘Breath of the Wild’ invite us into lands of endless possibility—but what happens when you can’t decide which way to go?
Rebecca V Brink
free play

This Tiny, Free RPG Offers a Fresh Look at Death - and Life with Anxiety

‘Ghost Hospital’ is set in a world of cute monsters, but the real demons it represents are all too scary.
Danielle Riendeau
Mental Health Bar

How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionizing Clinical Therapy and Treatment Rehabilitation

We spoke to the director of medical virtual reality at the Institute for Creative Technologies to learn how gaming hardware is helping with PTSD and more.
Joe Donnelly

The Problem with Using Video Games as Panacea for Mental Health Issues

Games are great escapes, but they're not medicine. At best, they're like using ibuprofen to treat a head injury.
Gareth Dutton
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‘Inner Vision’ Is the Game That Made Me Tell You It's OK to Talk About Depression

Video games are not a substitute for seeking professional help, but ones like this can help with taking that first step.
Joe Donnelly
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In the Aftermath of a Heart Attack, Gaming Guided My Mental Recuperation

The anxiety I had from nearly dying almost submerged my life in depression and fear. But I had an escape. I'd turn on a gaming console, play a bit, and it would all fade away—if only for a while.
Adam Cook
The Games That Made me

‘Max Payne’ Was the Game That Understood My Depression

Remedy's neo-noir romp rippled with Norse mythology proved an unlikely companion when life was at its darkest.
Ed Smith