Sayem Ahmed

Persona 5

Precious Moments, Hype and High School: A Conversation with 'Persona 5' Director Katsura Hashino

‘Persona 5’ is finally here, and it’s pretty awesome. Which is not to say it’s quite perfect.
Sayem Ahmed
Nier Automata

Hardcore Girls and Bullet Hell: A Conversation with the Makers of 'Nier: Automata'

The multi-faceted RPG has moved from cult interest to mainstream radars, and its' designers are anticipating a hit.
Sayem Ahmed
Titanfall 2

'Titanfall 2' Shows That Creativity Can Still Triumph

Given how busy the fall has been, it would be understandable if you'd missed the 'Titanfall 2' campaign. But that would be a mistake.
Sayem Ahmed
What We've Been Playing

'Gundam: Extreme VS' is the 'Virtual-On' Successor We've Always Needed

<i>Gundam Extreme VS-Force</i> isn't perfect, but it offers the sort of high speed, robot-fighting action that we don't see much of these days.
Sayem Ahmed
What We've Been Playing

A Whole Week in the World of ‘Pokémon Go’ Has Left Me a Wreck

I expected to have a little fun with it. Maybe it'd hook me in. But I had no idea how deep this would go.
Sayem Ahmed
Dark Souls 3

On the Sublime and Beautiful: A Conversation with ‘Dark Souls III’ Director Hidetaka Miyazaki

This is the end of days, but the game's director wants to assure us that there is beauty beyond the decay.
Sayem Ahmed
The Games That Made me

‘Persona 4’ Was the Game That Showed Me a Childhood Beyond My Muslim Household

The JRPG helped me face my own "shadow" and overcome my social obstacles.
Sayem Ahmed

The Terrific ‘Super Mario Maker’ Teased Me into Making My Own Game, but It Went Terribly

Nintendo's new create-your-own-levels tool kit is so easy to use I assumed I could transfer my skills elsewhere. But, nope.
Sayem Ahmed