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'Where The Goats Are' Is a Bittersweet Rumination on Life and Cheese

Memory of God has created a loving ode to artisanal production in the face of globalization.
Lewis Gordon

David Kanaga’s Dog Opera, ‘Oikospiel’, Is Delirious Protest Art

Seizing the means of production (and a lot of Unity assets), the composer takes on labor, climate change, and the political moment.
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How '29' Paints A Personal, Yet Surreal Picture Of London

It draws heavily on the real lives of the two developers making the game. But it also features a literally monstrous roommate.
Lewis Gordon
The Flame in the Flood

The 63-Year-Old Retiree Who Broke A Game Looking for The End of the World

How one retiree's obsession with 'The Flame in the Flood' encapsulates a lifetime of enjoying digital worlds.
Lewis Gordon

How 'Virginia' Found a Voice Without Dialogue

Variable State's new game, <em>Virginia</em>, is a mystery inspired by <em>Twin Peaks</em> and <em>The X-Files</em>. But unlike those shows known for their banter, the characters in <em>Virginia</em> don't say a word.
Lewis Gordon
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

The Makers of ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’ Reflect on Happiness and Horrors

The Chinese Room founders Jessica Curry and Dan Pinchbeck look back, a year later, at what their multi-award-winning game taught them for the future.
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‘Kentucky Route Zero’ and the Politics of Debt: An Interview with Cardboard Computer

The small studio's enveloping narrative game is one in which money matters. Or, rather, the lack of it does.
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