We Break Down Our Big ‘Sleeping Dogs 2’ Story During A Bonus Waypoint Radio

An inside look at what it’s like to dig through hundreds of documents and prepare them for the public.

Nov 22 2016, 5:30pm

Though our regular Monday episode of Waypoint Radio went live last night, we recorded a special bonus podcast, as well, where we break down today's big investigation into Sleeping Dogs 2. If you missed our story on the now-abandoned plans for a sequel to one of gaming's cult classics, read up on it before listening to a discussion between myself, Editor-In-Chief Austin Walker, and Managing Editor Danielle Riendeau.

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During the podcast, we chat about the "working class" NPCs that United Front Games' wanted to include in Sleeping Dogs 2. For a peak at their planning for that inclusion, check out this additional excerpt from the documents we obtained:  

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