Vote for This Week's Zelda Permadeath Modifier Before Austin Loses His Last Life

It's all come down... to this.

Apr 30 2017, 8:01pm

Permadeath is a video series from Waypoint in which we attempt to beat a game with a limited number of lives, even in games that don't traditionally have "lives."

Right now, we're trying to get as far as we can into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before we die three times. We're also adding additional difficulty modifiers for every week that we survive.

Last week, Austin fought one too many Hinoxes. But the challenge continues, and now Austin is on his final life. Things aren't going to get any easier from here.

So far, you've all voted to: 1.) Remove my ability to fast-travel away to save my life from danger. 2.) Prevent me from accessing the weapon menu until the current weapon breaks or is thrown away. 3.) Forbid me from using both the main map and the mini-map, and in essence, prevent me from fast-traveling even when it's safe! 4.) Require that monster I fight be in the compendium before I kill them.

No spoilers, except to say that I'm playing again this week, which means I need you to choose a new difficulty modifier for me, so go here and place your vote, or just scroll below! Don't forget to suggest new difficulty modifiers for the next week's ep (if I make it that far) and also to vote on whether or not I should be allowed to have some sort of limited fast travel ability.