What Nintendo Character Would You Drink With?

The Waypoint staff, and our fantastic Twitter followers, answer the big question.

Dec 9 2016, 9:43pm

Header image courtesy of Nintendo.

Yesterday, I posted a short quote from acclaimed Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, after asking him which Nintendo character he'd most like to have a drink with.

His response was Fox McCloud, for the vital reason that he'd have "the best stories."

Now that we have the best answer, from the man himself, we turned to ourselves—and to you, Waypoint readers—to discuss our most desired Nintendo drinking buddies.

Danika Harrod, Social Editor: for me it's gotta be Lanky Kong

Patrick Klepek, Senior Reporter: I can see me and KK Slider sipping on some whiskey way too late into the night, while he strums his chill guitar.

Danielle Riendeau, Managing Editor: Bowser, because I want to talk to him about why he's always ruining Mario's vacations, and where his kids came from. I want him to get honest. Get real. Show me the dinosaur inside.

Austin Walker, EIC: Wind Waker Gannondorf (see Waypoint Radio, Episode 20).

Mike Diver, Senior Editor: If I drink with Kirby, he can just "become" whatever drink he sucks in, right? So, he sucks in, IDK, a really cracking bourbon; then I get him loaded on cheap booze, and he wees out that tasty stuff? No, wait. I need to think this over more…

We took to Twitter as well, to see who YOU want to get bombed with (or have a friendly, age-appropriate beverage. Or just a beverage. We can all make our own fun, after all, we're playing with power.) We got some excellent responses, here are just a few.

A lot of folks indicated that Waluigi would be really, really fun to party with. But he's certainly not the only one! Plenty of folks were interested in having a blast with their Nintendo characters of choice.

Some folks wanted to get the good dirt on their respective worlds.

And some folks just had really, really specific reasons for their choices. Here's what one progressive anime fan said:

It's not to late to let us know, so head over to Twitter and tell us!