We Kick Off 2018 By Tackling The Question Bucket on Waypoint Radio

We really need to stop giving 20-minute answers to questions, though.

Jan 2 2018, 5:36pm

2018 is here! At least, it should be. This podcast description was written in 2017, so if something happens between now and then, apologies. Maybe it was the alien alloys? In any case, before everyone returns to the office and begins formulating another year of hot takes, Austin, Rob, and myself returned to The Question Bucket. Yes, we still have questions from more than a year ago. No, we didn't get to all of them. Sorry.

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Interaction with you is a big part of this new podcast, so make sure to send any questions you have for us to gaming@vice.com with the header "Questions." (Without the quotes!) We can't guarantee we'll answer all of your questions, but rest assured, we'll be taking a look at them.

Make sure to swing back to Waypoint on Friday for the next episode.