‘Destiny 2’ Arrives September 8, and It's Coming to PC

We won't get a look at real gameplay until May 18.

Mar 30 2017, 5:01pm

Bungie and Activision Blizzard have been slowly teasing Destiny 2 the past few days, including an excellent (and funny) teaser that suggested a welcome shift in tone for the online shooter. But the time for playing footsie is over, with Destiny 2 now confirmed to arrive on September 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and for the first time, PC. You can watch the CG trailer below:

We won't see what the game looks like until closer to E3, May 18. 

As hinted at earlier in the week, Destiny 2 opens with The Last City on Earth, the main hub from the original game, in flames. Someone named Ghaul lead the charge, and they've sure messed things up. Time to shoot things! Having the hub destroyed would provide an explanation for ditching all your old equipment.

There will be a beta ahead of release, though there aren't any details about it yet, except that pre-ordering will get you access early.

I tried (and failed) to get back into Destiny when Rise of Iron was released last year, but it didn't grab me the same way Taken King did. It was information overload. That said, I'm ready to jump back in, and if Bungie can make the same kind of leaps they did between vanilla Destiny and Taken King, we may be looking at the version of Destiny that Bungie started promising all those years ago.

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