Move Over Mercy, There’s a New Healer in Overwatch

Her name is Moira and she can cure what ails you.

Nov 3 2017, 7:41pm

Today, Activision-Blizzard launched a trailer announcing Moira, a new support/healer character for Overwatch. She has a cool cyberpunk/witchy vibe going, with black and purple garb and the ability to throw out orbs that heal allies and drain enemies. Her trailer shows some massive damage-dealing spells (sci-fi spells?) and her talking about imposing her will a whole lot.

She's even got a classic sci-fi bio: "A brilliant geneticist who pursues scientific discovery unburdened by ethics."

All images courtesy Activision-Blizzard

I'd also like to mention her on-point purple nails. Just look at those excellent claws!

You can read all of her abilities on her character page here.