Danielle and Danika Play The First Hour of ‘Prey’

On the first, last, and best episode of ‘The Fern Between Two Ds,' Waypoint’s Danika Harrod and Danielle Riendeau dive into ‘Prey.’

Feb 16 2017, 7:00pm

After spending an hour with Prey—Arkane's new immersive sim—it quickly shot up to the top of my most anticipated games of the year list. With a heavy dose of WTF sci-fi, creepy creatures, BioShock nods, and genuine, Dishonored-inspired "play your way" design, I was hooked immediately.

Join myself and Social Editor Danika Harrod as we discover the true utility of lemon peels, the best way to kill bizarre creatures, and the fact that, when you miss Austin, you can always pretend he's the fern between two Ds.

You can also watch the video region-free on YouTube.

Note: the video contains spoilers for the first hour of the game! And there are portions where the gameplay audio itself is muted, thanks to a capture issue.