The Snow in ‘Club Penguin’ is Melting to Make Way for a New Game

‘Club Penguin’ will be discontinued on desktop and mobile on March 29th, 2017 to make way for ‘Club Penguin Island.’

Danika Harrod

Header image courtesy of Disney Interactive.

I've never been "too cool" for childhood favorites like Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo and Pajama Sam. So when Club Penguin launched at my just-got-my-license age of 16, I was ready to dive in. 

Mini games? Check. Cool clothes? Check. CUTE FLUFFY PETS? Check. Club Penguin had it all, and an awesome community to boot. When they announced yesterday afternoon that they'd be closing down the game to make way for brand new title, Club Penguin Island, I shed a tear.

It feels like just yesterday I was racing against my penguin pals in 'Sled Racing' and kicking ass in 'Card-Jitsu.' It probably feels that way because I hopped into the game again not even a month ago. I missed walking around with my Puffle, Sweetcheeks. I missed watching her dig up money from the ground.

I may lose my igloo, my pets, and my awesome outfits, but I will never lose my love for Club Penguin, and you can bet I'll be there tomorrow for the start of their huge close-out event, appropriately titled "the waddle-on party."