Become a Tiny World-Building God in this Game

‘Tiny Worlds in Flasks’ is sweet and subtly inventive.

May 1 2017, 2:45pm

All Tiny Worlds in Flasks images courtesy of Fi Silva

Developed for LD Jam 38, where the theme was "a small world," Tiny Worlds in Flasks is an adorable little creative toy that has you making little self-contained environments… in flasks.

You have an assortment of basic environments: maybe you'd like to make a twee garden world, or a fancy little underwater dome. And you select objects and life forms to go in.

That's all, really. Developer Fi Silva offers this on the game's page: "Not really a game, but it's a cute toy. You may have fun playing. At least I had fun making it, that's what counts."

But isn't that the point of these small creation games? To enjoy yourself and get lost in the art of making something pretty, or weird, or interesting to you?

You can download Tiny Worlds in Flasks for free or play it in-browser on its page here.